About Us… The Primal Village

The Primal Village is a work in progress. Intentional Communities usually take some time to come to fruition so if you are in a hurry to be in our community… NOW… you’ll have to wait. 😉 But hopefully it won’t be long.

We are in the building stages for creating an Intentional Community/Eco Village.

We currently have .8894 (up from .6 … Yay!) acres that we have decided to start with.

The Primal Village outline:

Our current plans include a C Great Room (for gatherings, meals, working, etc.), C Kitchen, C laundry and food storage room, C showers and composting toilets, C Workshop (for projects and hobbies), Aquaponics farm, Wild Edibles garden, Fruit trees, fruit bushes, and Community store (where we will sell our wares).

We currently have many fruit trees, Dew berry bushes, Wild Edibles garden (unmanaged at this time, the way nature planned it).

We already have a building on site that we used for our previous businesses (Liberty Guns And Armor LLC & Liberty Mobile TX which we have closed to pursue other goals).

The plan is to process the Stinging nettle (and every other plant we grow) in every way it can be processed including cordage, thread, clothing, yarn, nettle tea, seeds, dried for consumption, medicinal purposes, tinctures, etc.

We will have animals including (not limited to) chickens, rabbits, Alpaca and any other animal that has fur that can be spun (to be sold in our store and worn on our backs. 😉 ). This will be done in the great room or in one’s personal “pod”.

The C Kitchen will have facilities for processing wild edibles for retail/wholesale sales and Community use. We plan to have a minimum of Stinging Nettle, Lambs Quarters, and other edible greens, Stevia, various herbs, wild mushrooms, and several different varieties of fish.

There will also be a smoke house large enough to process wild game and our locally produced meat for our personal use.

The plan for compensation is multi-faceted. Compensation from the sale of any product through a community venue will be divided according to what part each person had in making/selling it. After a portion is deducted for the store (overhead) and the community (community fund for community necessities or wants). If you put a larger portion of work into something it would only stand to reason that you get a larger portion of the proceeds.

The goal of our community is self-sufficiency/sustainability first and profit (for everyone that chooses to participate) second. It is not required or expected that anyone that lives at Primal Village be “employed” for anything that has to do with the store. You may work at the farm to receive the benefits of our Primal Foods (vegetables, wild edibles, herbs, meat, etc.) but this is not a requirement. You can just as well pay for these things as anyone else can if you would rather not participate in this part of Primal Village.

Each and every resident will build their own “earth friendly” home, either sans kitchen and bathroom (because of central, community bathrooms and kitchen) or at least tiny kitchen and bath with the help of everyone at The Primal Village as they are able to help. There may be an opportunity to buy from someone that is interested in or has already left. All homes will be modest in size and only have what is necessary and will be made out of local materials as much as is possible. It would be preferable if all homes were off grid.

No “recycled” or “re-purposed” man-made materials will be allowed in the construction of any buildings in The Primal Village unless they are “natural” or it is for temporary use. We take the Six R’s seriously and strive to Refuse, first and foremost. Temporary, re-purposed buildings (such as an RV or shipping container) will be OK until a suitable replacement can be constructed. The main point is, once the Community is established, there will not be one building on site that will leave anything behind that can not be returned to the earth. That is the goal. We will take steps towards this goal and may use re-purposed or recycled materials to reach this goal but they must be used in a temporary manner only.

Each resident will contribute in some way to the growth and sustainability of the community as a whole. Here are a few examples in no particular order:

  • Money – if you have a full-time job and can not find time to participate in duties in the community and would rather contribute this way or perhaps you have retired and are unable to contribute in any other way but can in this way.
  • Time – Much work is needed in a community. From cleaning, cooking, gathering the harvest, butchering, building, planning, strategizing, teaching, web site maintenance, etc. the list is long.
  • Resources – perhaps you would rather buy something that the community needs to fulfill your participation requirement. It could be groceries to farm equipment or maybe even land. Basically, anything that is needed in the community.
  • Hire someone else – Perhaps you would like to share your money with someone in our community or a local that needs an income while still contributing to the community. You can pay someone else to do the work for you in your place if you are not able.

We would prefer that everyone participate in giving time to the community but realize that it may not always be expedient. As long as you participate in some way that benefits the community, your needs will be met as best as possible. Final approval will be negotiated within the community.


More to come.

*C = Community

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