Community Schedule

This is a loose schedule of things we will be doing here at The Primal Village.

Cleanup, cleanup, cleanup… sooo much cleanup. ūüôā

When you buy lots with two trailers (one burned, one falling down) and when the previous owners were trying to resell foreclosed storage building stuff (and it got kind of out of hand, clothes stacked in piles 4′ high and 20′ in diameter)¬† it translates into a lot of cleanup work. A lot!
Well, Once cleanup is done. Cleanup is mostly done! Yippee!!       We plan to implement the following plan (loosely):

  • dig swales(80% complete) and a small pond.
  • plant the Food Forest in the berms of the swales(70%).
  • build chicken coop from natural materials (leaning to cob for an experiment to see how cob will do here).
  • build a rope walk (for Primal Farms business).
  • build at least one Herb Spiral.
  • build an aqauponics system.
  • build bathrooms.
  • build our home and move in.
  • construct the Great room with the kitchen, dining area and two classrooms.
  • build or move in some WWOOFer homes.
  • tear down the mobile home we were in.
  • once the mobile home is out of the way, we will build any other homes for anyone that may be wanting to join the community.
  • build remaining out buildings (tool shed, store, craft shop, etc.).

More or less, that is what we have planned for now.

We are going to try and create some temporary shelter(s)/home(s) (T-Pee, travel trailer, shack, etc.) for traveling WOOFERs as soon as we can. If you are looking for temporary/transitional¬† place to stay with room and board, don’t mind the work, sparse living conditions and no pay with the option of staying and becoming part of the community, Contact us and tell us a bit about yourself. We may be able to come to an agreement.

If anyone is interested in helping out, Contact us and let me know.


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