Our Vision

This will be updated as I have time.

The vision of The Primal Village

The Primal Village is an Intentional Community/Eco Village, modeled loosely on the Co-housing community structure.

The main end goal of the Primal Village is:

  • To live debt free (no bills from simply living. Food, shelter, clothes. Basically all needs provided for within the community).
  • To live Completely self-sufficient from the industrial world.
  • To complete the circle of everything that lives and return an equal amount of everything that we have taken (as best we can).
  • To not create debt in the constructing of the community.
  • To create natural homes that are made from locally available, renewable natural materials that will not leave toxins behind for future generations to have to deal with.
  • To create homes that are climate comfortable for humans while reducing the need for modern-day devices to create that comfort (ie. homes that do not need Air Conditioning to stay comfortably cool , even cold, in the triple digit heat of the Texan summers.)
  • To help the natural course of nature to produce adequate, if not surplus, food for the community.
  • To raise natural foods that are not susceptible to GMO frankenseed contamination and have proven from thousands of years of surthrival that they are in a class all by their selves when it comes to disease, insect, human and drought resistance (ie. Wild Edibles).
  • To raise and process our own non hormone injected, heavy metal free, disease free fish in our Aquaponics Farm.
  • To work together to create a community of harmony and peace.
  • To share the cost of the community fairly with all community members.
  • To share in the proceeds of the community fairly with all community members.
  • To encourage life long friendships among community members and families.
  • To create a safe place for our children to play without the fear of neighbors or intruders with ill intent.
  • To create ownership in the community and in one’s individual dwelling for a sense of security and belonging.
  • To enjoy the diverse skills of a community setting to its fullest extent.
  • To create a safe haven for travelers to rest along their journey (workshops, rentals, tours, visitor’s quarters, WOOFERs, etc.)
  • To create a safe haven for abused single parents to escape to gather their thoughts and decide in what direction they would like to proceed with their lives in a non threatening, safe environment.

I envision The Primal Village being a place for people of like-minded interest, knowledge and goals to come together to achieve sustainability in all aspects of life. A place for social and physical interaction. A place where people of all ages interact and learn from each other, exchange ideas, create and maintain friendship, love, and relationships together. Where political, social, cultural and religious/anti-religious differences are accepted and actually strengthen the community.

The Primal Village will have these structures, resources, key concepts and industries.

  • A Great Room where we come together for entertainment, meetings, educational classes, group munches, wedding receptions, etc.
  • A Great Kitchen where members can prepare individual or group meals.
  • A Great Summer Kitchen where members can prepare individual or group meals when the temperatures are too hot for indoor food preparation.
  • Three Great bathrooms (Men’s, Women’s, and family. All showers and toilets will be in separate rooms within the Great bathrooms and the sinks will be shared, somewhat like you find at the state parks but more private where needed and nicer.) Each Great bathroom (not including the family Great Bathroom) will have one conventional water flush toilet (use of which will be discouraged) and enough composting toilets to equal one for every two members counted in the community.Showers will be in the same quantity.
  • A shared Project barn. Big enough for everyone to have a personal project to work on, if they want.
  • At least one power generating Windmill for all shared use facilities.
  • Solar power generation for all shared use facilities.
  • Wood gas generator for all shared use facilities.
  • Battery storage for all off grid power generation to be used for all shared use facilities.
  • Classrooms for teaching on any subject to the public or to the community.
  • Herb Spirals
  • Garden
  • Aqauponics farm
  • Food Forest
  • Standing timber forest (for firewood, project wood, construction, etc.)
  • Various livestock for community consumption (chickens, ducks, rabbits, alpacas, etc.)
  • Smoke house (for meat preservation)
  • Salt house (for meat preservation)
  • Store house (for storing canned, dried foods)
  • Root cellar (for storing root crops)
  • Rain Water harvest system with enough storage to capture and store one and a half years worth of rain water needed for the entire community.
  • Natural “homes” for all community members. Consisting of a maximum of one bedroom room for each individual plus one (if desired), a kitchenette, a composting toilet if desired, small living room, and storage room/closet.
  • Two community vehicles (this does not include individuals vehicles that are needed for daily transportation to and from work).



More to come.

Do you have anything to add? Some advise or comment? Please Contact us and share, we would love to hear from you.

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